Sunday, April 29, 2012

Upcoming Cultural Event

After weeks of preparation and waiting, the Cultural Event is nearly here!  Our little Branch has worked so hard (youth and leaders) to get to this point!  I am proud of all the efforts of the amazing YM and YW involved.  They have been very dedicated in their attendance of necessary meetings/practices and in doing their "homework".  I KNOW they will be blessed for their efforts.  President Monson will be so proud!

I have seen such a difference in all the youth involved.  They started off thinking it would be fun to, but now they are beginning to see a greater purpose.  I am sure they did not foresee all the work that would be involved, but there has been no complaining.  They have simply done all that was expected and more.  I love our Youth!

I am very excited about the upcoming events of this week (Fireside for the Youth, Cultural Event, and Temple Dedication).  I am SO GRATEFUL that Dan will be able to attend all these great opportunities with our son and our Youth.  The Fireside on Friday should be amazing!  Either President Monson or one of the 12 are addressing the Youth.  I can only imagine what a powerful spirit will be present!

I must admit, however, that I am really sad that I will not be attending.  I was so excited to be a part of helping the kids.  Driving to events, learning and teaching the performances, general coordination... its been a ton of work for all! NO WHINING, AMIE!  This is for the kids!  Not you!

I will gladly give up a seat for someone else, don't get me wrong.  I just wished more seats were available.  Our little Branch only has 21 tickets.  There just isn't enough for everyone that wishes to go to attend.  At least we can watch the broadcast from our building.  I think watching with my family and our Branch will be nice.

On a happier note, our YW had the awesome opportunity to attend a special Temple Open House last night.  They were taken on a tour of the Bride's Room and the Sealing Room, with a special Fireside!  The girls were all aglow today!  We had a lesson in YW on the importance of Temple Marriage and the girls had time to make comments about their visit.  I loved seeing their excitement! I can see in their faces that they are committed to living their lives in such a way as to allow them to be married in the Temple one day! They felt the Spirit and they have a vision of what they want.  I love these girls!

I wish Aubree were just one year older, so she could have gone...

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  1. Interesting! I was looking for a good LA venue for my wedding celebration and I came across this upcoming event. Good to know about it! I am also very excited for my dream date which is next month with the love of my life, on our wedding!