Friday, April 13, 2012

This Week...

I guess its time to post something, right? This past weekend was Easter. We had a wonderful weekend with Dan coming home (WOOHOO!) and my Grandma coming for a visit. And, of course Easter!

My sweet husband had to leave to fly out Monday morning and is due back this afternoon. Poor man. He feels like a visitor in his own home! :( At least, we will be together for the weekends this week and next. His constant traveling should be coming to a slow down soon. I hate when he's gone!

My Grandma had let us know she would be coming soon. We were not expecting her last weekend. When she called she was already on her way for a 2 month stay. That's my Grandma! We are glad to see her. We missed her. (Just 2 months is a long stay...)

Our chickens are doing great. The chicks are getting so big and ugly right now. But they are getting their feathers in nicely and starting to look more attractive again. We have lost 2 total. "Funky Dude" passed on Monday due to the cold. Poor thing. That was the one with the afro. We loved that one! Bummer!

Ruby is fitting in exceptionally. My only complaint: she is obsessed with the chickens! She has been digging around the perimeter of the hen house and waiting for her chance to have a snack. She will not go in the chicken yard, though. She is just so obedient! Wish my kids would obey as well as she does!

Bella is doing great and loving life. She is growing every day and getting smarter constantly. She knows how to be extra cute and perform her tricks (spins, kicks, jumps) for the attention she seeks. My Grandma is totally in love with her!

My kids are happy. They love their new friends, school, and church. The people are so very nice. It has been an easy transition. They have been learning how to play outside and explore their property. They have been especially fond of climbing the front tree and playing in the creek. We have all been doing fine without TV/ Cable, Netflix, Redbox, etc. I am proud of our inattention to these things, but mom and Grandma want to get satellite. Oh well!

Gotta run! I am picking up my sweetheart from the airport! Yeah!

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter. We don't let our Pyrenees near baby chicks or ducks or they would eat them all even with us telling them no, but our Pom Rusty has a fit when he is near baby chicks and ducks. He wants to mother them. I have a newborn bunny inside that momma rejected.Rusty sits by its bed watching over and if it moves he stands up and whines wanting me to do something. LOL Have a very blessed week and so glad your hubby is home for the weekend.