Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Double Trouble

May I introduce our newest additions, Swiss Cheese (Cheese) and Sprinkles. They are twin doelings, female Alpine dairy goats, about 4 weeks in age. And they are doubly sweet! And double the work! LOL.

We bought them on Tuesday. Zoe was able to pick her favorite as her birthday present! She named hers Swiss Cheese, Cheese for short. Naturally we wanted to name the other one something that would go with Cheese. The kids picked Sprinkles. Its a line from the movie Rio...

They are nearly inseparable. They are very affectionate and lots of fun. And of course they will be making lots of cheese and milk for us in the future. Yum!

Bella has been bitten by the green eyed monster lately. She is NOT pleased to be sharing the spotlight with the twins. She avoids them and has made it clear she is avoiding me, except at feeding time. She is especially annoyed that she has been put on a "diet" since their arrival. We have been apparently feeding her too much. She looks like a beast next to the little squirts. Poor Bella! ;)

Welcome to the family, Cheese...

And Sprinkles!

We love you!

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