Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Loving Missouri

Just in case you have not figured it out yet, I love living here.  A lot.  There are some serious benefits to living in an area with 1) seasons, 2) great people, and 3) amazing history. 

We had one week this summer that was seriously HOT.  Like Houston hot.  And of course, my BFF Tasha was here that week.  Poor girl.  The 4th of July was blazing hot.  But the rest of the summer was completely tolerable and nice.  It was great to be able to go swimming with the kids at the pool in Albany whwere they could meet up with their friends or go to the Mozingo lake. 

The kids were able to visit with Tasha and her kids, hang out with besties, and relax at home.  We really didn't go anywhere, but it was nice.

Fall began with milder weather in September and actual evidence in the leaves.  Wow!  I thought it was so funny when Emma asked me if the trees were sick.  She just didn't see much of that in Houston.  LOL. 

We are starting to see evidence of a real winter already.  I seriously cannot wait!

Great People:
Yes, we do have a nutter for a neighbor (no, freak-O has not moved and does not plan to anymore).  But there are some amazing people that we have met.  The kids all have best friends that seem to have been made for them.  Seth is especially patient and kind to Dallin.  So nice.  Even the grown-ups have wonderful friends!

I am getting to know some people that own properties here and are here part of the year.  They bring serious knowledge of the gospel.  It has been such a blessing to have some firesides about some of their knowledge about church history or preparedness.  Very intersesting!  If you are curious about some of these things, check out this website from Brother Allan www.allanstime.com.  Check out his links on the left bar for : "religious writings" and "health".

Amazing History:
We live in an area that is rich in church history from 3 eras:  Anciently (Adam-Ondi-Ahman, Garden of Eden), Book of Mormon era (Zarahemla), and Latter-Day (Far West, Independence, Liberty).  I have been able to visit most of these areas and learn so much more. 

I went to Carthage Jail and Nauvoo this summer with the YW.  It was so amazing!  I could feel the spirit so strong at Carthage upon our arrival.  I struggled to keep the tears back!  I loved sharing that with the girls.  We also went to Nauvoo and saw the Pageant that night.  Interstingly enough:  the prophet Joseph Smith had recived revelation that Zarahelma was to be built (or re-built?) across the river in Iowa.  Hmm! Coincidence?

Here's a pic of the girls and I in Carthage.

At the Visitors Center in Nauvoo.

Some of the girls with some cute pageant boys in Nauvoo.

I had previously visited Independence, where the Garden of Eden was once located and where the New Jerusalem will be built.  There is a really cool visitors center there.  The kids loved it!

In August, we visited Far West with the Youth.  There was a thriving LDS community there for a short spell.  they built some houses and dedicated a temple lot, but were forced to leave before doing anything more than placing cornerstones for the temple.  Something I learned that day:  The temple site is the exact location where Cain killed Abel.  Wow!  I suppose that is why it is sacred.

In September, the youngest 3 kids and I went to Adam-Ondi-Ahman (AoA).  We were curious to see what it was like.  I am grateful to have had this experience with them!  I explained what was significant about this site and asked the kids if they would like to go.  They were so excited!  As we got out, Cole said to me, "Mom, let's be very quiet and reverent, so we will feel the Holy Ghost".  It was very important to him to be there.  He told me later that he thought he would see Adam and Jesus there one day.  Special boy!

Zoe, Emma, and Cole in front of the Valley of Adam-Ondi-Ahman

Not only is AoA the place where adam dwelt and blessed his posterity before he passed, but it has significance to other times, as well.  Apparently the Nephites knew about this place.  There is an old alter dating back to their times on Tower Hill (on AoA property).  And it has future significance, as well. It will be the site of a future grand council where Jesus Christ will meet with His stewards of all dispensations and receive back the keys of the kingdom in preparation for His Second Coming. Wow!

I am so excited to learn more and see more sites!  I love it here!

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