Friday, March 2, 2012

We have arrived!

After a nearly 17 hour drive, we have arrived! We had a relatively uneventful drive, although Chester (our dog) had an accident in his cage. GROSS! But, we are home safely.

Grammie had a surprise waiting for us when we arrived. She was given an orphaned lamb, 5 days old! We named her Bella. She is so precious! We have her in a dog coat and sleeping in a dog crate. Weird, but it works for now. We'll post a video later.


  1. that baby lamb looks like a stuffed toy! I'll bet the girls love her. I do have to say that you better not get a boy lamb and name it Edward. Or Jacob. Good luck with the animals.

    1. If we get a male, we were thinking Beau or something cute. But not Edward or Jacob. I am not a twi-tard! The kids love her SO much! I must admit that she is the cutest thing EVER! And so SWEET!

  2. Even I, the ultimate city girl, think she is adorable.