Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bella Is a Little Lamb...

I really need to get acclimated! It is so much colder here. I know I am just a wimp, but seriously! I seem to be cold at all times! And this is the mildest winter they have had here in some time. Brrr!

This morning I mucked out a small animal stall in the barn. It was way too cold and windy! We need to get our Miss Lamby outside soon. She thinks she a house-lamb, spoiled thing! There is a danger in not moving her out soon. If we do not get her acclimated, she could catch pneumonia. Obviously, we do not want a very huge ewe (female sheep) roaming through the house. Not so sanitary. You cannot "housebreak" sheep. So the stall should be a good place for her. We have a heat lamp to put in there and it has 4 sides to shelter her from the elements. She is gonna move out there tomorrow afternoon. Its supposed to warm up.

We started to notice that she has scours. That's animal diarrhea. Not good. We went to a feed store and bought some meds for her (electrolyte solution with medication for scours). We also bought her some clean bedding, pine shavings, for her stall. Bella needed a bathy, to clean her hind quarters. Getting poop balls out of wool is not easy. Pretty gross! (Admit it, you are jealous!) But now she is all clean, fed, and sleeping comfortably. We are learning how to be good lamb parents. Its just hard when you know absolutely nothing! We look like total idiots, I am sure!

I have so much to do around here! I need to fully unpack. I need to till up my garden area. I need to clean out the chicken coop. On and on. But its kinda fun, too. This is definitely a different way of life. We are such novices!

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