Monday, March 5, 2012

Setting Up House, Etc.

This day was devoted to setting up our bedrooms and general unpacking, as well as taking Dan to the airport. (Kansas City is a good hour an a half away, so naturally it takes a big chunk of your day roundtrip.) I have our rooms mostly set up, but they are a long way from finished. I will not consider them "done" until the outdated carpets and walls get replaced and painted. My room is not quite as ugly as some, but it smells of cat pee. Not cool.

Bella is still ill. I am really worried about her. I have been doing my best to keep her warm and clean (her bottom is a mess). I have also been working on her stall all day. We managed to get an extension cord out to her for the heat lamp and have Chester sleeping nearby to protect her from coyotes. He was a little scared. He'll be fine.

Dan should have a pleasant time in Salt lake City. His days will be devoted to classes and his evenings to visiting with his parents. He is such a daddy's boy! I hope he has a nice time. we'll miss him here.

Got to get the kids to bed. They have school tomorrow. It'll be the first day for Aubree, Zoe, and Cole! 'Night!

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