Monday, April 23, 2012

Kansas City Temple Excitement

We had the priviledge to attend the Open House of the Kansas City Temple last Monday, April 16th. It was wonderful! Like any attempt to do something sacred, we had a rougher start to our morning. The little boys and I took our daddy to the airport in the morning, which meant leaving the house by 4:30am. Our tour was at 10:15a, so we had a bit of a wait. And unfortunately my mom and girls got lost and did not get there until 11:30ish. We were all a bit frazzled before going inside, but it was definitely worth it!
The kids were so reverent and in awe. It was such a special feeling to watch their faces and see their reactions to all they saw. They loved seeing the baptismal font, the instruction rooms, and the sealing room. But they were most impressed by the Celestial Room. They had been instructed before entering that they were to be completely silent, no talking aloud inside the room. Emma could not contain her surprise at seeing the room's light-filled beauty. With eyes wide and bright, she kept whispering "WOW!" over and over. She left the Temple with beautiful images of the many chandeliers on her mind. Aubree was so excited to be able to see the sealing room and look into the mirrors. She was disappointed, however, to not be able to see the bride's room. Someday...
Last Friday, May 20th, Dan and I had the priviledge to help with the Open House tours. Dan and I were both stationed outside, greating guests and helping to stear the crowds in the right direction. It was freezing cold, windy, and long. But it was SO worth it. It was very exciting to be able to be one of the first faces people would see as they near the beginning of the Open House tours and the last as they are heading back to their cars. What a wonderful day!
The Youth are still practicing and carefully preparing for the upcoming Cultural Event. Dan will be blessed to be able to be on the arena floor during the event. I am so proud of Dallin and the other Youth from our Branch. They have been so dedicated and enthusiastic throughout all the preparations. It has taken much time and hard work so far! What a blessing to have a Temple so close by!

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