Monday, February 27, 2012

Moving to the Country

Our new home in Gentry, MO

The past week or so has been busy. I have been boxing all our belongings for our big move. We are leaving our home in League City, TX (suburb of Houston, TX) and moving to NW Missouri (Gentry, MO). We are very excited about the days ahead! We will be leaving in 3 days!

I have so much to do! Most of our items are boxed, but today I need to pack up our kitchen. That makes the whole moving thing that much more real! I feel so many mixed feelings. I am SO excited about our move. But I have so many loved ones and wonderful memories here in TX. This is definitely bitter sweet!

There are so many changes ahead! I am so used to having easy access to everything and will soon be a good 20 minutes away from a gas station! I know I have been totally spoiled. Its time to get used to a new way of life! Wish me luck!