Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

I am grateful for this time of year, Thanksgiving.  It is namely an American holiday, but it is celebrated throughout the world under differing names during the harvest season.  It is a time for reflecting on the blessings in our lives, blessings over the past few seasons.  And a time to feast. Umm, I like to eat.  A little too much so, apparently.


There have been periods of my life when it has been much harder to see the blessings I have been given.  During these dark times, I often have thought "I will be happy when...".  I know that despite any trials I will ever be asked to face, there will always be blessings, there will always be things to be grateful for. 

I often reflect back to a lesson I had in YW years ago as a Laurel.  I do not remember the lesson, but I remember our Advisor giving us each a roll of calculator paper.  She asked us to write down daily everything we are grateful for, being specific about precise things or people.  We were asked to never replicate any entries.  I found that sometimes it was easy to fill the paper roll.  Other times it was much harder.  Some days I found only one or two things to add to my list.  But over time, the list was so long that it took an eternity to wind and unwind the roll.  It helped my attitude to change and my happiness to grow exponentially.  I was better able to feel the love my Heavenly Father has for me.

If I were to make a new list, it would take a very long time to read.  But there are certain blessings in my life that bring me the greatest happiness.  These center on my God, country, religion, family, friends, and home. 

I have an unshakable testimony of God, our Heavenly Father, that he is real, tangible, and loves us all.  I also have a testimony of his son Jesus Christ as our Creator and Saviour.  Through him, we can repent and be forgiven of our sins and we have the chance for eternal happiness. I know that the Holy Ghost is real and testifies of these truths. 

I am truly blessed to have certain freedoms available to me that allow me to enjoy these gifts as I see fit.  Our forefathers sought and fought for these freedoms and we are the beneficiaries of these blessings today.

I  will be eternally grateful for the opportunity I have had to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  It is the true church.  I know this with all of my heart.  I have also been blessed to have gone to the temple to be sealed my husband for time and all eternity.  And have been blessed to have 5 children born under the covenant.

I absolutely LOVE my husband.  He is the best husband and father ever.  And he's a hottie.  He still makes me giggle.  I am grateful he still puts up with me.  I have been blessed to have 5 healthy and energetic children to love.  They light up ye life and make it fun.

I have amazing friends that make life enjoyable.  They lift me up when I am down.  They support me and love me.  I only hope that I bless their lives, as well.

I love my home.  With all its funky wallpaper, bugs, and animal poop.  It is such a joy to live in such a beautiful area, among nature's beauty.  I enjoy the simplicity of life here.  It is so peaceful.

I could go on and on.  But, I won't.  I encourage you all to note the blessings you have and feel happiness in your own life.  Thanks for looking!

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