Wednesday, May 30, 2012

YW Camp On My Mind

I have a few days left to prepare.  Next week is all about YW Camp!  I am excited!  Is that because I have never gone as a leader...LOL.  It will be fun.  I will MAKE it fun.  Oh yes, I will!

The Camp theme this year is "Hold On" D&C 121:7-9.  We were asked to make flags for each Branch/Ward.  We went with an owl theme.  So cute!  The owls were my idea.  I was thinking... Branch... branch... Albany... "Owl"bany... owl on a branch... Okay.  I am a nerd.  But the flag is adorable!  There is a tree with lots of branches and a uniquely made (and colorful) owl for each YW and leader.  The flag will say "Albany Branch YW" and "Hold On to WHOOO You Are". 

Here's the shirt I made.  We all made our own (even those not going to camp).  Each owl (on the flag and shirts) has the same shape, just differing colors/patterns.  They are unique!  EEK!  So cute!

I need to start packing.  I need to make sure I get everything together before Sunday.  Monday morning I will be going down with our only YCL(Youth Camp Leader) a day earlier than most.  I need to make sure I have all the necessities and fun stuff we will need.

My worries:

I am worried about getting exhausted.  I swear that I am tired half of the time anymore.  I will just need to drag myself around a bit and stay positive.  Right?!

I am also a little worried about only having 2 girls with me the entire week.  We only have 5 girls attending.  One is a YCL, 2 are going on the 4th Year Trip (we will not see them until Thurs), and then there are the 2 stuck with me.  I hope these 2 ladies have fun.  My goal is to make it fun and memorable.


  1. I'm completely jealous, sister Haddock! Looove the idea and I looove your t-shirt! :D

  2. Missing my Megs! Thought you'd like the owls! ;) Love you!