Monday, May 7, 2012

The Kansas City Temple Dedication

Yesterday was the dedication of the Kansas City Temple.  It was such a lovely day!  I am so excited to have a temple so close now!

My oldest 3 children were able to attend, but we had to go to 2 different sessions.  Dan took the oldest 3 to the second session and Mom and I took the little ones to a nearby park.  Afterward, our Branch President and his angel wife took the kids home with them.  We were able to watch the last session without children and it was so peaceful! 

President Monson performed the dedication.  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland accompanied him.  It was so amazing to hear these 2 brethren speak! 

During the second session, President Monson told the youth that he had never seen a better Youth Cultural Celebration.  They all seemed to be beaming with joy at his remark!  During both (second and last) sessions he told the youth that he was pleased with these type of Events.  He wants the youth to unite and have spiritual experiences together.  He gave pronounced prophetic blessings to the faithful temple attenders in this area.  He also encouraged us to use the temple often and use it as a symbol of our lives.

Elder Holland spoke about the significance of the Liberty, MO area in the second session.  He mentioned about the experience Joseph Smith had in Liberty Jail and how the ground had truly been consecrated by his sacrifices and the amazing revelations he had there.  He compared it to a temple experience.  In the last session, he spoke of the sacrifices of the Saints in this area so long ago.  He said that spirits on the other side of the veil are rejoicing that a temple is now in this land of Zion.

I absolutely LOVED that Elder Holland was there with President Monson.  I recently read an old speech that Elder Holland had given as a CES Devotional in 2008.  It was entitled, "Lessons From Liberty Jail".   How very fitting that he should attend! It really hit me that Joseph Smith suffered so much there at Liberty Jail and that through this suffering, so much good was achieved.  That talk gave me a better perspective on trials and tribulation.  (It also really seemed to answer a question I had about the exact location of the Kansas City Temple.) 

If you are interested in reading it, here's a link...,4945,538-1-4543-1,00.html

If you'd rather watch it, here's another...

We are eagerly awaiting our opportunity to do some work in the temple!  First on our list... my grandfather (Papaw).  He requested that Dallin do his temple baptism before his death.  He was too sick to be baptised then, but truly wanted it.  Now we can get that work done!

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