Monday, May 7, 2012

Why Missouri?! Part 2

The events over the past few weeks have really strengthened my testimony and have been truly uplifting.  They have solidified my testimony that we have been inspired to move here.  The experiences that my oldest son alone has had recently are enough reason to have come.  He has a greater desire to do what is right and an unshakable testimony in the validity of a living prophet today. 

After reflection, I have noted some changes in our life now versus a few months prior.  I feel closer to the spirit overall.  Mind you, it is likely that I have been greatly humbled to be living so far away from my husband at present (He is currently on his way to Venezuela for 10 days).  And it is always humbling to have a new calling ( I LOVE YW!). However, there is more to it than that.

One thing I do not miss:  that feeling of "keeping up with the Joneses".  Firstly, there are no neighbors to keep up with (we obviously do not associate with our 'mental' neighbor).  And everyone is poorer here, including ourselves (due to a house payment back in TX).  But it is just refreshing to be in an area where I am not tempting to go shopping and find good deals or to covet the belongings of others.  I feel it is easier to stay away from those temptations.  I even feel like I could go grocery shopping in my pjs and no one would care.  SO nice!

Lately, I have been taught the hard way to avoid judging others and keep my mouth shut.  I had a prideful "I am so well trained to be a leader" attitude when we moved here that was completely inappropriate.  I am since trying my best to watch my thoughts and try to see the best in everyone around me.  There has been contention here due to others judging others, backbiting, and taking offense.  I was a part of some of that.  I am trying my best to change my attitude and repent of my tendencies to find fault in others and to be negative.

It has been refreshing to have true "work" to do outside.  I love that we see a natural cause and effect in the natural world around us.  Imagine.  If you put a seed in the ground and tend it, it grows.  If you love and care for animals, they thrive and love you in return.  Duh, Amie!  I know.  It still does not mean that these things are not little miracles!

I also love watching valiant youth sharing their talents and being the best examples.  I watch these kids and feel so much hope for the future of the Church.  They are so spiritually strong, despite their trials and the difficult world we live in.  I have been honored to have the opportunity to serve in YW and to have been associated with them all.

We love it here.  Its as simple as that.  I miss my family and friends back in Texas.  Very badly.  But I know that this is where we are supposed to be.  And I rejoice in that knowledge.  I can see my children raising their own children here.  They love the fresh air, beauty of nature, and simplicity of life here.  We love Missouri.

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