Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm A Survivor!

I have survived Girls' Camp!  Woohoo!  I was sick all week with a head cold, so I was not fully functioning.  But it is DONE and ALL the girls had a blast! Such a relief!

We had 3 girls at the main campsite (one a YCL and gone half the time and the others with me as their Leader), and 2 went on the 4th Year Canoe Trip (with Sis. Smith).  I was super worried that the girls would not have fun with only 2 to with me all day. missed them an AMAZING time.  I think it worked!  from the smiles and comments I received, it seems to have their best year yet!  Thank heavens for the energy I did have and my "silly" personality!

The girls made new friends, Sariah won the "Miss Sunshine" award for camp one day, and we generally bonded very well!  Such a blessing!  I LOVE these girls SO MUCH!  They are so sweet and have a spiritual strength that amazes me.  YW rock!

Memorable moments:
The girls on the 4th Year Trip, Zane and Ellen... seeing them come over and down the hill to Camp after their 4th Year Adventure was complete! It was awesome to run to them for some serious hugs and exchange fun stories!

My favorite moment with Sarah... after having listened to her amazing testimony, seeing her with her newest REAL friendship with Kendall! I was secretly crying behind her for joy!  She had been a bit sad all week without her best friend (could not come due to a recent surgery).  She had put herself out there, despite her discomfort and made a friend that loved her equally as much as she loved her.

My favorite moment with Sariah... seeing her joy when she won the Sunshine Award at Camp!!!  She had set out to win it on day one and her commitment to friendliness paid off.  Yeah!

A special moment with our YCL, Jenna... being her "arms" during our AWESOME skit! Despite our small numbers, I think we had a memorable skit.  It was funny and the girls were proud!

My favorite with Sis. Pam Smith... staying up till who knows when talking about our love for these AMAZING GIRLS! We had a blast!

There are SO MANY more to mention, but I cannot do them justice with my limited writing skills.  Just know I had a wonderful time and CANNOT wait till next year!

By the way, I have an awesome video of my dancing skills on Facebook.  I just cannot get it to upload to my computer.  So here's a link to my timeline...!/amie.haddock

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