Thursday, November 15, 2012

Eggs, Eggs, and More Eggs...

I have been giving away free eggs constantly and I still cannot keep up.  I guess its time to figure out new ways to use them up and/or 'store' them.

I found a great tutorial on drying fresh eggs on another blog.

3 easy steps to drying eggs:
1. Scramble them.  Do not use any form of oil.
 2. Dry them.  She used her dehydrator, but an oven will work.  Make sure there is NO moisture left.
 3. Crumble them by hand or blend them for storing.  Supposedly they just taste like hard cooked scrambled eggs.

It is very possible to "freeze" eggs, as well.  on this same blog, she puts a pinch of salt in a dozen eggs, scrambles them, and pours them into ice cube trays.  when they are frozen solid, she pops them out and puts them in a double freezer bag for later use.  She says that one cube equals one egg.  When ready to use, put them in a bowl in the refrigerator to thaw and use as normal.  Handy.

For more detailed instructions on how to freeze eggs, visit this blog:

I will certainly try both methods, although freezing appeals to me more.  At some point, my hens will slow down on egg production.  Hopefully.  Otherwise, we may be selling some hens or even eating some!

For ideas on egg recipes:

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