Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Zoe's Woes

Zoe ended up in the ER on Sunday evening. She had been playing with Grandma's wheelchair outside. It collapsed and she hit mouth first on the concrete! After lots of blood, screaming, and trembling, we arrived at the ER. Thank heavens we have a hospital 15 minutes away! I am also grateful for a son with son First Aid training through Boy Scouts!

At the ER, they helped clean her up a bit and took x-rays. She had basically hit the cement with her top front teeth. They were pushed backwards, which caused the gums to rip and pull up. You can see much of the roots to those teeth. She also succeeded in ripping up her lips pretty badly. Poor baby!

I am NOT putting her picture up. She is embarrassed by the massive swelling and scrapes all over her face. But just imagine very swollen lips, especially the top one, with scrapes and scabs... Sad sight! And you do NOT want to see the inside of her mouth!

I feel so bad for her! Today is her birthday and she cannot even eat cake! She is drinking her meals these days. Just when she was finally putting on a little extra weight (she is always very thin), she gets hurt! She hardly eats, because it is too hard and there is nothing that she really likes. Shakes, frosties, juice, and soda get old really fast!

The good news: today she was able to eat some macaroni and cheese for lunch. She was so excited to have real food. That was her birthday treat (and she enjoyed her birthday ice cream sundae, as well)! I love you Zozo Mouse!


  1. AAAAH! So sorry to hear! Are her teeth going to be alright??

  2. Her teeth are slightly pushed back, but are supposed to go back to their original locale. Only time will tell. They are her adult teeth, afterall...