Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chicks N Such

Thought I'd put up some recent pics of the chicks and other animals.  They are getting so big!

The golden ones (Buff Orpingtons) are SO much bigger than the others...

This Barred Rock is watching the excitement.

These ladies are dining in tonight.

Princess Bella is growing so fast!

Our sweet Ruby has proven to be quite the flock guardian!  The other day some of the ladies escaped and we caught her with a chick in her mouth!  But on closer inspection, she was NOT biting down, she was carrying it to us!  The chick was fine and since then , Ruby warns us of impending danger.  She even reminds us to put them up in the evenings and check their food and water!

...And you've seen our new twins... Cheese and Sprinkles!

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