Friday, April 27, 2012

Barnyard Babies

Okay, so I LOVE living here!  It is so much fun to see all of my little barnyard babies growing up.  They are so adorable and entertaining.  And of course they are work.  But that's a given.  Any mother knows that.  I have 5.  I am no stranger to work.

Chickie babies:  I love my chickens and it's apparent that they love me, too.  Every time mommy goes into their run, they go crazy, running and crowding around my feet.  It is not uncommon to have them fly into my arms momentarily, then fly back down to my feet.  I can hardly take a step without someone squawking, because I accidentally squished their toe.  It is both funny and annoying.  Last night would have been quite humorous for someone to watch.  It took me a good 20 minutes or more to get them into their broader house for bedtime.  They would only go in their house if I went in and as soon as I'd try to leave, some would escape with me.  Stinkers!  To top it off, our cat was stalking the run and waiting to catch a tasty snack (like she could actually do more than scratch them -- she's the size of a large kitten!). Needless to say, it was not so funny to me.

Baby Bella:  jealousy, envy, spite... this describes her focus right now.  Those twins have stolen her spotlight and she will have none of that!  She has been kicking, head butting, and nipping the girls.  Not nice.  Thank heavens she only has a few flat teeth on the bottom!  For mommy, me, she mostly avoids me or nips at me .  But if one of the girls come near me to snuggle, she pushes her way to me to reclaim her throne!  I swear she reminds me of my Emma...

Cheese and Sprinkles:  Sweetie pie babies!  They are so fun to watch as they frolic and play.  They are little acrobats and climbers.  Cheese seems to be our most inquisitive, precocious, and mischievous of the two.  She is our natural leader.  She doesn't miss a thing and has to be in the middle of it all. No wonder Zoe chose her for her own, they have a lot in common!  Sprinkles is our laid back, affectionate girl.  A little reminiscent of Aubree...

Yesterday Cheese was showing off for us.  She would go running really fast and skid to a stop on the concrete porch.  She did it a number of times with a look of satisfaction.  On her next attempt, she lost her footing and fell over, skidding on her side to a stop in the grass.  We all laughed and she was pleased with the response.  She immediately arose and did a few acrobatic jump and flips that only a goat can do.  So cute!

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