Friday, March 9, 2012

Kansas City Temple Excitement!

Dallin has the awesome opportunity to be a part of the Cultural Celebration of the Kansas City, Missouri Temple Dedication on Saturday, May 5th. He (and all the youth of this new Temple district) is SO EXCITED to be a part of the singing and dancing. Especially, because the prophet, President Thomas S. Monson is scheduled to attend. He will then perform the dedication the next day (Sunday, May 6th)! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for him! It seems to have caused a spiritual stirring in all the youth. They all want to bear testimony of their love of their Prophet and the significance of Temples through song and dance.

One song they will be singing is called "Arise!". Here is the music video link:

Here's the Open House Information:

And Here's the Cultural Event Website for the Youth:

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