Friday, March 9, 2012

Chicks Ordered and to Arrive Soon!

I am getting excited about my baby chicks, scheduled to arrive in about 10 days or less! Woohoo! Here are the 2 types we ordered...

Barred Rock (or Plymouth Rock)

AND Buff Orpington

They both are excellent egg-layers and can be decent meat birds. We ordered 12 females of each variety and 2 male Buffs. We really only need 1 rooster. The other is more of a backup, in case the other one dies.

I cannot wait! They are going to be so cute! (Cute usually gets me in trouble, though...)


  1. Bella's cute too but she's a big pain in the rear! LOL! (Eggs come in cardboard or styrofoam cartons and chicken comes on a styrofoam tray, wrapped tightly in plastic.)

    1. Yes, Bella is a pain in the rear. And so is my dog. And my 5 kids. Obviously I have not learned my lesson yet! LOL. And BTW, you are such a city girl!